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Why do we exist?

Background of Cashmere and Kashmir Commonly known “Cashmere” is a fine quality wool produced from Cashmere goat with average diameter not exceeding 19 microns under U.S Wool Products Labeling Act, 1939 (Web link for reference: https://www.ftc.gov/node/119457).However, “Cashmere” is archaic spelling of Kashmir, a geographic region connecting South-Asia with China, which furthered to Europe through ancient Silk route. (Web link for reference: https://brucemuseum.org/site/exhibitions_detail/kashmir_shawls_from_the_bruce_museum_collection)The art of making Cashmere products roots back to 6 Century BCE in Kashmir region. The raw cashmere is sourced from upper Himalayan, Changthang region in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, situated at height of 14,600 m above sea level. This is further transported around 400 km to Kashmir region where it undergoes multiple processes starting from cleaning, dehairing, spinning,...

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