About Us

Fairshare Cashmere is a social centric, organization based in Kashmir. We work bottom up across our value chain. We source raw Cashmere from our direct connections in Changthang, ladakh, and have our own women spinners and hand loom weavers. We are a one stop solution for clients who wish to source Cashmere Pashmina in a responsible and socially inclusive manner.

Fairshare Cashmere is backed by BAI XIAN ASIA INSTITUTE who provided us seed funding as well as their invaluable guidance.



Our organization’s overall mission is to support artisans and enhance their financial wellness in a socially responsible manner. We’re committed to provide finest quality Cashmere to our customers. Our goal is to inspire and empower people to lead a simple act of buying Cashmere sourced from the place of its origin.


We envision to bring back Fairshare of Cashmere industry to Kashmir, the birthplace of brand Cashmere. Our vision is to increase global market share of Kashmiri Cashmere and create sustainable job opportunities for local, otherwise unemployed, youth.